Back the 80's Stiletto magazines Australia

As a creative teen in the 80's I discovered Stiletto magazine and my world opened up to the exciting alternative and fashionable lifestyle of the city.

This magazine influenced me in so many ways, from the way I dressed, to studying photography, make up artistry, hairdressing and fashion and developing the desire to go clubbing.  The hair salon I worked at after I finished school was well known and all the staff used to patron the coolest venues, including weekly mega dance parties in my hometown of Sydney, known then as "Hordern parties" like RAT, Baccanalia, FUN and Mardi Gras and they introduced me to the dance party scene. Stiletto has a section in the back of the magazine called Palavar, where a collage of images was collated of ppl at these parties and clubs and they bring back so many memories for me today. I have been searching for at least 1 copy of Stiletto for years as I no longer had mine, and was very very lucky to acquire 10 issues recently. Now here in my blog I want to share them with you.

How is this related to your jewellery ? you may ask. Well this was the era I keep going back to in my heart and mind...those times were exciting, colourful, angsty, happy, explorative, creative and crazy and the New Wave and post punk styles were and still are a huge part of my life and therefore are the inspiration and motivation for my designs.





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